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Do You Know The Facts Around Video Marketing To The Next Generation?

  • By Force Marketing
  • February 15, 2021

We are super excited to share with you that our award-winning video product, Drive has been highlighted as an effective marketing campaign to connect and attract the Gen Z audience in the new Amazon best-selling book by Jason DorseyZCONOMY!

Gen Z has completely different shopping and buying behavior than the previous generation and most businesses, especially auto dealers, are not built to sell and market to this audience. Jason thoroughly details the psychology of purchasing decisions for this generation and how to effectively communicate with them.

The book highlights Force Marketing’s cutting edge, dynamic video product DRIVE as the ideal platform to market to GenZ and beyond. DRIVE is unique in that it allows dealerships and OEMs to utilize 2D and 3D video based on the specific inventory each individual shopper is in the market for, making it personal and relevant to each consumer. DRIVE can be served on the very platforms where Gen Z can best be reached – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and streaming television.

We are honored to be recognized in Jason’s new book on marketing to GenZ. We consistently strive to stay ahead of the curve in our marketing tactics and understand that different generations require different strategies. We’ve been long time followers, fans and friends of Jason and have garnered much wisdom from his expertise on generational marketing. Every marketing campaign we execute is with an audience first strategy, and his recommendations have been very helpful in tailoring our tactics to the youngest audiences.

For more information on our DRIVE product or to schedule a demo click here.