Proven Marketing Solutions

At the core of every marketing solution is a focus on fulfilling the customer’s needs.

Our company was founded as a direct mail marketing agency, but a lot can happen in 15+ years. What was once a simple set of services is now an extremely broad and interconnected list of solutions. We realize that. As a company that helps dealerships create smooth customer experiences, we care about the experience you have with us just as much. So we’ve hit the reset button and have redefined what that means to us.

Our core recommended dealer marketing solutions encompass DRIVE® Dynamic Video, Equity+ Program, ATOM® Lifecycle Marketing, and the RECAPTURE® Program. Each of the four automotive solutions works together to help your dealership communicate a unique message to each consumer at every stage of the customer journey.

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We've developed a strategic collection of marketing solutions that allows dealerships to tell their story from start-to-finish and track every consumer action, engagement, and data point in real-time. Each one works together to support the next.

Improve your customer retention and fixed ops revenue.

Acquire late model inventory through proprietary targeting.

Connect with in-market shoppers through streaming media.

Turn anonymous website shoppers into sales.

Video & Audio Streaming Media

We have the best audience solutions and inventory providers because our attribution technology confirms that is so. Data integrity, process, and automation rest at the heart of our solution so that we can provide an unparalleled solution at scale. That engine starts with a dealership entry in our database and then seamlessly moves though discrete stages of operation.

Each campaign component (i.e. inventory contract, audience segment, etc.) is optimized to dealership arrivals and the entire Pre-Activation, Activation, and Campaign process is returned each and every month for more streamlined operations, thus enabling more accuracy and scale.

Lost Shopper Identification

The average lead conversion rate on dealership websites is only 2%-4% for sales and around 12% for service and parts, leaving dealers with no way to connect with 88%-96% of their unique visitors because they do not call, complete a form fill or chat. 

RECAPTURE™ changes all that as the industry’s only lost shopper capture and marketing automation program. Each site visitor that leaves without conversion is identified and pushed through our proprietary Audience IQ™ platform where actionable marketing data is appended and validated using industry leading sources. Each prospect is marketed to using personalized email, direct mail and mobile marketing to increase lost-shopper sell-through rates exponentially.

Vehicle Acquisition

Equity+ is the industry’s first 100% inbound automated equity mining tool. It focuses on delivering personalized messages to 4-Core audiences in the dealership DMS. Each message including the trade-in offer, upgrade offer, service offer and warranty offer is completely custom to the prospect receiving it based on the audience segment they belong to.

Equity+ uses artificial intelligence “ai” to scan over 100 attributes of each prospect including purchase and service history, lifestyle changes, credit and vehicle equity to identify the best vehicle to give them a custom upgrade quote each quarter.

Fixed-Ops Marketing

Our ATOM® Retention platform is the most advanced and flexible retention and loyalty solution in the market. Our solution expands communications to a dealer’s entire DMS, adds channels (email, direct mail, social, display, and streaming video), adds more touchpoints (triggers) to the customer journey, assisting your dealership to retain customers before they defect. ATOM® can be utilized as a full-service retention program that encompasses the entire ownership experience.