Customer Data Platform

Build rich customer profiles that power the core of your business decisions for a better customer experience.

How it Works

 When dealing with millions of data records from multiple data sources, it’s imperative for dealerships to have a scalable system that can handle high volumes of information while maintaining accuracy. Our Customer Data Platform, Audience IQ, helps dealerships unify customer data to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, increase ROI, and better utilize 1st party data for a personalized customer experience. 

Our technology allows dealerships to develop more meaningful connections with car shoppers by fueling marketing programs that deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time. 

Dealers Supported per month
MILLION Transactions per Month
Campaigns per Month
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Core Benefits:

Data Privacy & Compliance

As your brand steward, we are committed to protecting your customer’s privacy as well as your reputation. Our Data Security team stays focused on regulatory and compliance laws and continually monitors the security and privacy vulnerabilities. We can help you maximize your ability to reach prospects and customers while supporting your efforts to stay compliant with relevant regulations.

Audience Segmentation

Audience Segmentation allows for the generation of audiences based on transaction history, interaction with previous campaigns, vehicle ownership lifecycle or shopping intentions. Our CDP collects customer information and vehicle information to power marketing strategies that target specific models, individuals, and households based on a wide range of criteria.


As an extension of protecting your customer’s privacy, the digital security of the CDP and its platforms are a daily focus. Our commitment is to provide a highly secure environment that protects the integrity of the information from criminal or unauthorized use. This takes a combination of training people, documented processes, the right infrastructure, and technology frameworks.

Our technology as a tool can be used as a weapon of offense and defense. For offense, we are bringing differentiators in from the market to our clients and providing solutions. For defense, we are providing efficiencies to our customers so they can work smarter, not harder. Through the power of our technology and data, we're allowing our customers to achieve more in a lot less time.

Mike Pandher
Senior Vice President of Technology

The Auto Industry's Leading Customer Data Platform.

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