Improve your customer retention and fixed-ops revenue.

Our ATOM® Retention platform is the most advanced and flexible retention and loyalty solution in the market. Our solution expands communications to a dealer’s entire DMS, adds channels (email, direct mail, social, display, and streaming video), adds more touchpoints (triggers) to the customer journey, assisting your dealership to retain customers before they defect. ATOM® can be utilized as a full-service retention program that encompasses the entire ownership experience.

ATOM® can also be utilized as a “wrap around” retention solution to enhance the fundamental, linear, one size fits all programs offered by standard OEM programs. ATOM® Retention platform allows your dealership to reach a larger audience at a higher frequency with our “always on” triggered communication platform. Encourage sales with strategically timed sales-related communications. ATOM® Retention focuses on the dealership challenges which deliver greatest results!

ATOM® Encompasses the Entire Ownership Experience.

Our lifecycle marketing program includes all VINs available through DMS integration to communicate with your customers across a wide range of occasions:

  • Sales Welcome / Thank You
  • Vehicle Accessories
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Missed Appointment
  • Service Follow-Up Thank You
  • SCR - 8 Months
  • Lost Customer - 10 Months
  • Service Win Back - 15 Months
  • Service-to-Sales
  • Birthday
  • Lease Expiration
  • State Inspection
  • Vehicle Anniversary
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Lifecycle Service Retention

ATOM® adds more touchpoints (triggers) to the customer journey, helping your dealership remind and retain service customers before they defect. Even better, four of the five highest ROI triggers are included with ATOM® Lifecycle Marketing. The highest grossing triggers include lost customer, service win back, service to sales, missed appointment, and new to PMA.