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Stack Your Audience – Increase the Outcome!

  • By Force Marketing
  • December 13, 2022

Our two most effective programs – Recapture and DRIVE – work better together. By combining them, we’ve seen a 58.89% increase in efficiency. This is because audience stacking – the process of combining different audiences – allows you to reach a wider audience and deliver a more personalized and targeted marketing message.

ReCapture is a lost shopper capture and marketing automation program. It identifies site visitors who leave without converting and pushes them through our proprietary Audience IQ platform, where actionable marketing data is added and validated using industry-leading sources. Each prospect is then marketed to using personalized email, direct mail, and mobile marketing to exponentially increase lost shopper sell-through rates.

DRIVE is a streaming audio and video platform that generates dynamic videos based on your current inventory. It combines a personalized digital shopping experience with an actual VIN from your website. DRIVE gives dealers the ability to reach in-market shoppers across all channels, including Facebook, YouTube, programmatic networks, OTT, and CTV streaming services like Amazon Fire TV, Hulu, Roku, Sling, etc. It is fully automated, provides real-time updates, and tracks in-store visits from every consumer it reaches.

According to recent research, streaming audiences are more engaged and receptive to marketing messages than traditional audiences. In fact, streaming audiences are 33% more likely to make a purchase after seeing a product advertised on a streaming platform. By combining the audiences of website shoppers and streaming media shoppers and targeting them with a personalized marketing message, we’ve seen an average increase of 58.89% in capturing the customer. This demonstrates the power of audience stacking and the importance of combining different audiences in order to reach a wider audience and deliver a more effective marketing message.

Here are recent campaign results from  clients that combined Recapture with Drive.

Interested in learning more about how we combine audience strategies and solutions for a greater ROI on campaigns, contact us here and schedule a call with one of our marketing specialists.