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Apple IOS 14 Update

  • By Force Marketing
  • February 11, 2021

What’s Happening?

Taking place “soon”, Apple announced changes around their iOS 14 operating system that may impact how businesses receive and process data collected from apps from the App Store, in particular this may impact Facebook advertising. Previously tracking was automatic for iOS users unless they went into their settings to change it. For the new iOS operating system, tracking is automatically off unless users decide to opt in via a proactive prompt asking if they want to give the app permission for data collection. With Facebook’s pixel functionality being limited for iOS 14 devices, items reliant on the pixel such as conversion tracking, optimization, and targeting could be impacted.

Our Stance

Privacy and security is important to everyone. It’s one of many parts as to why digital advertising has and will always be an evolving effort. As an omni-channel resource and partner for our clients we have the capability of adjusting strategies to get the most out of every dollar by considering various channels when needed. This expands our abilities in utilizing first party and remaining retargeting data by planting them in the most effective channels, as well as growing lookalike or similar audiences from the most qualified shoppers to reopen larger targeting pools. Combining this with in-market audiences gives campaigns the flexibility to remain effective and continue to move your business forward.

Should Dealers Take Any Action? 

A recommendation from Facebook encourages dealers to verify their website domains to help avoid future disruption of campaigns. Some agencies and web providers may already be doing this for dealers, however, domains can only be added by one business who can then share access to other partners. Due to this we encourage dealers to take ownership and verify their own domains so they can have better control of who can advertise on their behalf through Facebook.

To help do this, we’ve compiled step-by-step instructions on how a dealer can get their domain verified.

For any questions concerning the IOS 14 update, please contact your Force Marketing rep and we’ll be happy to assist. You may also visit FB’s business help center directly to learn more.