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Force Marketing utilizes dealerships’ used car listings to assist individuals (both current and potential customers) in finding new and used car inventory online quickly, easily and efficiently. A complete PPC campaign is created around the dealer’s inventory with each ad and keyword specific to each car on the lot. This tailored approach results in high conversions at a low cost.

How does it work?
Force Marketing Certified Account Managers will update the PPC account keywords and search engine ads to match current dealer inventory. For example, users often type in specific keywords when researching vehicles like “2003 Toyota 4Runner SR5.”  If this model is on the dealer’s lot, this search will trigger an ad created by Force Marketing Certified Account Managers that features messaging about the vehicle. Users, who then click on the ad, are taken directly to the vehicle’s specific page on the dealer’s site. 

What are the results?
Force Marketing Certified Account Managers provide clear statistical reporting for the used car campaign on weekly and monthly basis. Each campaign report will include all key PPC data like clicks, spend, etc. The Force Marketing Certified Account Managers will also provide additional conversion data tracking specific to PPC clicks that resulted in a phone call or a form fill to the dealer.

Give users exactly what they are searching for with Used Car PPC Advertising, and see the results you’ve been searching for.



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