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The automotive data lists maintained by Force Marketing are more extensive and more up-to-date than any other lists available to car dealerships in the United States. Our Forcetelligence™ proprietary list management software consolidates the best-of-the-best consumer data lists and culls the information you need for your campaign right when you need it. We update our data lists every day to ensure that your direct mail reaches the right people at the right addresses. That saves you money, and delivers more accurate leads.

The types of data lists we have available include:

Saturation – Target by ZIP code and/or consumer demographics. Then refine by age range, income range, and more.

Credit – Target by FICO score, bankruptcy/discharge, loan remaining balance, open lease, expiring lease and payment reduction.

Registered Owners – As a Black Book® preferred vendor, we can target conquest vehicles by owner's VIN, vehicle registration and estimated vehicle condition.

Database Owners – Your dealership's own sales and service database can be mined and targeted in combination with other lists or all on its own.


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